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Happy New Year

I'm ba-ack

An intentional social media hiatus over the Christmas / New Year period choosing adventure, self care, being present and reset were my highest priorities.

Summer break spent with friends and family after years of border closures and lock downs doing many of my favourite things. Time with my niece and nephews (and their gorgeous 6-month old puppy), after far too long was the most heart filling time away.

Slow easeful mornings

Time playing whatever random games the kids made up in the pool

Making a short film with my niece that she wrote and acted in

Taking my nephew snorkeling with my brother

Being woken by a puppy flopping onto me for a morning snuggle to escape the mayhem - better than any alarm

Daily morning yoga with the help of said puppy - so impossible and the absolute best at the same time - always ending up as giggle yoga and occasionally joined by my niece.

Visiting my old local and favourite beach...and not being able to get a park anywhere nearby

So much delicious food!

And spending time with some of my oldest friends fed my heart and soul

The most essential part of the time out from social media was space to reflect. Tapping into what I need and want for myself in the coming weeks, months, year and beyond in my business, my work and my personal life and time.

I'm back and ready to build and create so much more for my clients and myself in 2023.

Let's do this!

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