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Have more without doing more free guide

Are you just trying to keep your head above water with your never ending to-do list... but really wished you were surfing through life (rather than simply trying to stay afloat)?

It's so so easy to feel overwhelmed. I get excited about so much that my eyes can be bigger than my stomach. Yeh, my portion size for life doesn't always align with what I can actually manage. I need to stop and take a beat and make some choices. That in itself can be overwhelming, soo...

I created a guide, a series of questions and an easy process to filter through the overwhelm. A way to make it way more fun for myself to have as many of the things I want, to feel fulfilled while also doing everything I need to and working out what to set aside.

I love the clarity and spaciousness this gives me to make smart, fun decisions. And my favourite part is my 'shopping list' or wish list of things that are not my top priority but dang I'd love to do or have them if I could and giving myself that I can pick and choose from when time, energy and space permits.

Having more without doing more is totally possible.

If you'd like to have a play with having more without doing more my free guide is available via the link in my bio @pixicato

📷 @deborahdebeurs

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