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I’d rather adapt than pivot

The other day a friend said to me ‘Penny, you’ve evolved and adapted again. You continually fine tune. Continually evolve. It’s so inspiring. I love it! ’

Pivot has been a buzz word since early 2020 when our worlds were turned upside down.

By definition when you pivot you change direction. You turn toward a new path.

You turn your back on something.

What you’ve turned away from is behind you.

With it, your peripheral vision also turns.

Sure you can turn back the other way again if you want to, but in the mean time your eye is on a new prize.

Adapting on the other hand you metaphorically turn the light on, look around at what you’ve got to work with, broaden your peripheral vision.

Adjust to the situation and conditions.

You change to a new variation, purpose or direction.

You can choose to continue in the same direction but differently or you can choose to change direction altogether.

I’d rather adapt than pivot.

I love what I do, so for now I’ll be staying on my path, even if I need to squiggle or deviate a little. I’ll work with the situations and conditions and adapt accordingly.

If you’d like to chat to me about adapting in the biggest or smallest ways in your business or life send me a message and let's chat.

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