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I had my first ever rolling skating lesson two weeks ago

What a crazy idea to learn something like this at 46 with very little to no experience of sports that my feet can do in different directions . I quickly realised I was in really good hands despite feeling very nervous and unsure of myself, let’s be honest I was scared.

When I experience fear like that I have an ability to become very present. It's important that I trust in my instructor or coach to guide me and I follow the instructions. They know what they're talking about, that's why I'm learning from them. As an added bonus I do it with a hilarious concentration face as well as a massive grin because I’m so stoked and consequently truly enjoy the moment.

In this instance I used the equivalent of the ice skating penguin, that one of my friends has since dubbed my ‘zimmer frame’. Thanks to the frame I was skating along, practicing all the techniques I was being given, learning to stop and turn, different stances and progressing with them all because of that pvc frame contraption that gave me confidence. By the end of the session I was letting go...with a heap of encouragement mind you and I have a little way to go before I’m skating confidently.

The moral of the story. I absolutely do not agree with the saying ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks’. Instead I say ‘bring it on’

What’s something you’ve wanted to try and were too scared to but would still love to if there was your metaphorical version of the ice skating penguin to support you?

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