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I used to be petrified of having my photo taken

Be a good girl. Don't have tickets on yourself. Don't show off. Never tell people how good you are. Be a quiet achiever.

Working behind the scenes my entire career was a great way to hide in the shadows. Often literally being in the dark on a set, in studio or side of stage. I used to be petrified of stepping in front of a camera to technical checks and walk throughs let alone having my photo taken.

That's been well and truly flipped on it's head. I let go and started playing and having fun. I'm a little older, a little curvier and a whole lot more confident and happier mucking about in front of a camera than I have ever been even though I'm still a little awkward.

When it comes to having my photo taken I show up as the fun, playful person I am every other day. I'm a bit of a goofball to get out of my own way and not take things too seriously and the pics are way better for it. I have a ball and the photos reflect that and me. I freaking love it!

And the good girl. She's gone too. A woman who can speak her mind is blossoming. She's kind and funny and I really like her so much better than that good girl who was too scared to be herself.

I am enough as I am.

PS If you scroll back through my feed you can see the difference.

PPS Message me if you'd like to chat about flipping your stories.

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