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I want to be educated, not just taught

I’m a born teacher, educator and mentor. No matter what job I've done in life I've always come back to it. I have an innate sense and skill for breaking things down, translating a concept in a way that the person I'm sharing it with can understand, process and use in their own way.

Empowering someone with knowledge is such a fulfilling role. Being the person between a technician and a 'lay person' translating a concept or process in a way that allows them to make it their own is the ultimate.

So what's the difference between being taught and being educated? A teacher teaches you a process or a sequence for you to replicate time and again. An educator on the other hand shares knowledge and depth of understanding, encouraging creativity of thought and critical thinking. They give you the foundation and the freedom to build whatever you want on top of the fundamentals you have learnt. In some instances there is a cross over, but not always.

I consider myself a good student. I like to have a depth of understanding when I learn something. My first counselling mentor really challenged me so that I could then develop and grow in my own way. Her role as educator was to make herself redundant, and that she did. Not because she didn't want me to come back for more but because she wanted me to be capable, knowledgable, well informed, an independent thinker and ultimately to out grow her and seek the next level of education.

A teacher teaches us something to replicate, an educator teaches us in a way that we can think for ourselves and grow and develop. We still want and often need guidance, but we can play with what we've learnt. We can not only go off script, we can write our own scripts.

We’re all perpetually learning from everything we experience and I want to absolutely make the most of it, I want an education, I want to be able to go off script whenever it feels good (which in my personal experience is most of the time).

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