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Journaling - keeping it simple

Writing the word 'f'ck' and variations all over the page, lines and prettiness didn't matter, spelling didn't matter, letting it all out on the page with a single word felt dang good.

All kinds of ick from the day coursing through my body, I knew that journaling would help but being earnest and thoughtful was the last thing I wanted to do. Grateful my mentor / counsellor taught me how to journal in whatever way felt good for me, I let it all out.

As Shrek says, 'Better out than in'. Getting your thoughts and emotions out on a page is a great way to help you see them from a new perspective. Sometimes I write what seems like complete crap round and round in circles releasing it is from swirling around my brain until I feel complete, and at other times I answer questions or reflect.

Journaling is way simpler than the multi million dollar journalling and coaching industries wants you to think. Sure having questions to guide you is fab. A pretty book is nice. But I'll be honest I find it constricting and I get bored with the same old same old pretty quickly.

What if instead you simply commit to writing a single word on the page. Whatever comes to mind. Every day. That's it. Nothing fancy, no pressure to do anything mind blowing or life changing.

Then when, if you feel like it you might expanding to writing a phrase, then perhaps a sentence, a paragraph or even a page. And then maybe you go back to just a word and then a page again. It doesn't matter. It's whatever feels right in that moment.

To this day I have days that I write a word or phrase and other days I write pages and pages and pages.

I say journal your own way.

Have you heard journaling is good for you, but it feels like the 'old dear diary' kind of idea from childhood? Do you have no idea why you'd bother even writing stuff down and the benefits?

Message me to chat to see how you can begin to add journaling and other supportive practices into your life.

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