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Laugh lines and wrinkles

Learning to accept and love my wrinkles that from this photo alone it's clear they're from laughing, and I'm not giving that up.

Laughing is so powerful and so good for you.

There was a time in my life that I didn't laugh a lot for many reasons. Even now I go through phases. But dang I love a good throw my head back and or belly laugh.

You know what I laugh at most? Myself. I stopped taking myself so seriously and dang I laugh so much more.

Even when I'm having a brain explosion about something I find a way to laugh...or someone around me makes me laugh in some way.

Joke telling is not my strength however finding the fun and silliness in life is definitely a forte.

If you'd like to laugh more and find more fulfilling moments, even if briefly at first, more joy, more fulfilment is possible.

Send me a message or book in for a complimentary chat via the link in my bio @pixicato

📷 @deborahdebeurs

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