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Learning with PLAY

PLAY layers in learning, thinking, problem solving as well as the kinaesthetic experience of being in the moment (my favourite). It’s all part of why I’m loving giving bouldering climbing a go with the encouragement and guidance of my beautiful friend.

I have to be present in the moment so I don’t crash and burn (literally crash on the mat) and it’s good fun tackling each new challenge practicing new ways of approaching it and moving through it.

Today I learnt that in climbing the climbs are called problems and you find problems that are just a little beyond you and work on them. Smoothing out awkward manoeuvres or simply getting up a climb that seems beyond you on first try is good fun and exactly what PLAY is all about.

This translates so beautifully to the work I’m doing both in and on my business and in my personal life. A timely reminder that if at first I don’t succeed it’s the fun of tackling the problem rather than giving up because I couldn’t do it.

I’m loving exploring this sport and how so much of what translates to life, business, everything. Plus it helps to have a friend to experience it with who encourages you.

What is something you’d like to experience, explore, try; in life, business, sport, travel, adventure activities but haven’t quite worked out how yet or would feel a tonne better about it with an ‘adventure buddy’ by your side who supported you and didn’t judge you while you worked it all out?

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