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Let's play a game of Guess Who?

The world famous musician is proving that anything is possible as he transforms into an Australian swimmer working toward the Paris Olympics 2024...

The livestream event is complete and media interviews are about to begin, Cody Simpson takes a break as I ensure he has the time to prepare and be ready to be on pool deck right on time as well as meet all his media commitments.

Arriving at Cody's home the day before to a warm greeting and fresh homemade organic coffee, I knew the job was going to be a delight despite the pressure to deliver.

Looking after talent and crew taking their unique needs into consideration is standard for me, however receiving it as I did is a treat that I graciously accepted. Cody didn't expect special treatment, he showed genuine gratitude and care for the people around him who allow him to do what he does best.

Cody was a delight and a consummate professional to work with, he is like us. A human doing the work, committed, gracious and treats everyone with respect.

If you’re needing help to maneuver project management requirements with less stress and more grace, or you want to talk more about things organic and beneficial for your well-being and life longevity, there’s a mentor for that 😉 Drop me a Message and let’s chat about YOU 🫶

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