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Introducing Liz Mulconry; Mountain Bike Coach

Liz is a Mountain Bike Coach with a knack for tuning into the non biker's brain and speaking your language and the best part is she's a heap of fun. Our mutual goal of of supporting women to play and adventure, learn new skills, develop confidence, meet new people and explore this amazing world around us makes it a no brainer to work with Liz. Liz will be working with us for mountain bike events on the Gold Coast and further afield.

Meet Liz

I have been riding mountain bikes since 2000. My boyfriend at the time introduced me to the sport, as he thought my triathlon background would make me a champion mountain biker. Not long after that I ditched the boy and kept his bike. I started riding more often, even quit hockey to ride my (his) mountain bike more.

I did my first mountain bike skills course with MTBSkills and they offered me a job as an instructor. Trained up with their skills teaching, I worked as a skills instructor for about 5 years. I also developed and taught the Level 1 Instructor Course. I started my own skills coaching business, Cycle Tecnic, about 3 years ago and have been coaching in Victoria.

Coming from a physical education teaching and sports coaching background, I have coached many sports including hockey, cricket and footy. I am a Level 0 MTBA mountain bike skills instructor, a qualified presenter for the Level 0 course and am a Level 1 PMBI qualified skills coach.

In my mountain biking life I have competed in adventure racing, cross country races, 6, 12, 24 hour enduro and even raced at Xterra world champs in Hawaii. Now, I’m getting older I prefer my racing to be more social and have started gravity enduro and love it! My favourite places to ride are Rotorua and Derby – super fun trails and not so far away.

My aim is to get more women riding mountain bikes and support women in learning new skills, developing confidence and finding new places to ride. I do a lot of women’s development with my club in Victoria. I also love teaching kids to ride and especially enjoy seeing them improve so quickly.

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