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Online Pilates is here to stay

Do you miss having the personalised experience of working with a teacher rather than following a teacher or video, but loved the ease of exercising so close to home?

With 9 years experience teaching Pilates that seamlessly moving to online small group classes I’m excited to share that as restrictions begin to ease and studios and gyms gradually begin to open I’ve made the commitment to continue with my online offering as well as return to my beloved studios.

So why Pixicato Play?

1. You're guided with mindful movement and breath with someone truly working with you for your own personal needs and movement nuances with a playful, fun teaching style while still getting down to business in small classes of 5

2. The travel time is the best ever. Pilates in the comfort of your own home or perhaps a meeting room at work means you don’t have to take an extra half an hour either side of class for travel, parking etc etc etc

3. You don’t need any special equipment, we work with what you have available in your home

4. Enjoy fitness in a supportive & fun environment. All levels and experience catered for, and if returning after injury or illness. High level athletes also catered for!

5. You get to meet people from all over Australia and the world in class (currently Australia, US, New Zealand and Italy)

6. And my favourite. There is a high possibility of laughter and fun combined with quality movement.

Let’s Play!

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