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Standing on the tarmac as the plane lands and comes to a stop just in front of us, stairs fold out and the door opens...Oprah steps out.

Have you ever been in a situation where you're meeting someone famous, important, someone you hold in high regard?

I knew Oprah as the intelligent, good hearted talk show host who loves to help people and speaks openly about her challenges as well as her triumphs.

I'd been in the game long enough not to expect to be privy to the behind closed doors version of Oprah. She is a consummate professional, knowing that her team has everything in hand allowing her to be at her best and that's exactly what we all did.

Working with someone like Oprah or anyone high profile, celebrities, performers, musicians, actors, directors, producers, CEO's, Prime Ministers, sports people. I always remember they're human, they poop too. Everybody poops!

Are you struggling with confidence when you go into interviews, speaking with your boss, speaking with clients, negotiation for rates, quote or even a pay rise? Message me if you're looking to build your confidence.

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