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Pilates is for men too

Did you know Pilates was originally created by a man for men and evolved into a practice for both sexes. Joseph Pilates developed the practice from his studies of yoga, boxing, martial arts, calisthenics, acrobatics, the study of children and animals and later dance as well as many other influences.

During World War I Pilates was interned in a Prisoner of War camp in England. During this time he noticed that bed ridden patients were progressively weaker than others and began to use manual therapy to assist them with moving and building strength using the springs from the beds and other items as apparatus. This practice proved to boost the strength and immune systems of the those in the camp with many leaving camp stronger than they arrived.

The association with dance didn’t occur until Pilates immigrated to the United States and opened his first studio in New York that attracted dancers, actors and acrobats who used the practice for injury prevention and management.

While Pilates is currently predominantly practiced by women there are plenty of men who enjoy the benefits of Pilates including many professional and high level amateur athletic teams now incorporating Pilates into their conditioning program.

Last week as things fell I held an all mens Pilates class that has inspired the dedication of one class a week to men. This class is tailored to the different strength and needs of men and means you can all hang out together.

Join the crew at 6pm Thursday evenings for a dedicated men’s class and men are also welcome to join in any other classes on offer too.

Class times

Monday: 4pm

Tuesday: 7am, 6pm

Wednesday: 7am

Thursday: 7am, 6pm (men)


Saturday 7am

*Max 5 people per class so I can give you quality teaching

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