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Pixicato Play - coach - that’s me!

Inspiring, guiding and empowering people to play: in life, work, business, personal time, relationships, mindset and movement.

What’s with the name? ...pixie came from childhood and cato comes from my classical music background hence the business name that has been me for over 15 years. Some of my nicknames are Penn, Money Penny, Penstar, and Penny Pantz (or Pantz for short) and then there’s Penny Pixicato (started by accident) and Pixicato...I've even toyed with the idea of changing my surname to Pixicato 😂

I have been supporting, inspiring, leading, teaching and empowering people since I was 11 years old. That’s more than 3 decades! I’ve done it both voluntarily and professionally, sharing my passion freely. I have chosen to make it my profession as a coach, to turn an act of serving that fills my heart and soul into a business that supports me, all of me.

I now choose to share those 3 decades of knowledge and skills obtained from study, exceptional mentors, teachers and educators along with some challenging life experiences with clients who are ready to take their lives to the next level.

I am choosing to no longer dilute my energy for serving and choose to channel my energy into my clients to give them my full capacity as their coach. I choose this for my clients and most importantly for my own mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing.

What does that mean? Firstly it’s a hugely important step in moving forward. When I serve without valuing myself how can my clients value what I have to offer. By not engaging in an energy exchange I deny my clients both of our full capacity and presence. If I choose to serve at no charge it is with clear intention from both sides rather than because I don’t value what I have to offer and what I give.

As my own phenomenal mentor, a previous boss, educators and so many others say, it’s an energy exchange, without skin in the game people don’t truly value or take on what I have to offer.

From the outside many have witnessed my journey from corporate world to coach with choices now being made from a different place, from a place of knowing my soul work and purpose and the value that deserves. These choices allow me to fill my cup to serve my clients and the broader community that we all impact.

If you or someone you know would love to be inspired, empowered to play in any or all aspects of life. Please send me a message.

Let’s Play!

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