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PLAYing without attachment to the outcome - Daring to Suck round 4

I have always had a secret desire to sing, but I don’t have a pop voice, nor a classical one at that. I’ve only every sung in choirs and while I can hear pitch, I don’t always know how to control my vocal chords to replicate it plus add performance anxiety and my pitch goes cray cray and the sound barely comes out. Sooo, I don’t sing because I’m too attached to looking good and the outcome.

The topic of singing and how vulnerable it can make you feel has been coming up quite a bit in my life lately so I decided to PLAY and sing for the joy of it fears and all. I enlisted the help of a beautiful friend to jam with me. She kindly, gently allowed me to explore singing along with her for my first foray into singing outside the safety of my bedroom or a choir in years, anxiety induced pitch craziness and all. My heart was full, dang this PLAYing thing is fun.

And not only is PLAY fun I learnt new things, new skills, I took a risk and I didn’t suck (ok, well I did a bit), but I’ll do it again and I can only get better with practice now that I stepped over the first hurdle. My comfort zone has been expanded. And maybe I have a folk style voice after all now that my range has lowered with age.

Take a moment to follow Davina, she’s an extraordinary folk musician.

Do you have a secret desire that you would like to explore and simply enjoy without being attached to how good you are? Without being attached to the outcome?

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