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Playing without attachment to the outcome

The moment I've been dreading has arrived. Stepping onto the stage, I lose any sense of pitch and vocal control. I'm like a deer in the headlights.

I can hear pitch well and I can sing in a group so it's uber annoying when it all falls apart the moment I'm solo.

Performance anxiety, and my pitch goes cray cray, and the sound barely comes out. Sooo, I don’t sing because I’m too attached to looking good (well, not looking bad) and the outcome.

The topic of singing and how vulnerable it can make you feel has been coming up quite a bit lately so I decided to play and sing for the joy of it fears and all.

I enlisted the help of a beautiful friend to jam with me. She kindly, gently allowed me to explore singing along with her for my first foray into singing outside the safety of my bedroom or a choir in years, anxiety induced pitch craziness and all.

My heart was full, dang this playing thing is fun. And not only is play fun I learnt new things, new skills, I took a risk and I didn’t suck (ok, well I did a bit), I dared to be awesome.

I’ll do it again and I can only get better with practice now that I stepped over the first hurdle. My comfort zone has been expanded.

Does anxiety hold you back from doing something you secretly desire or love? Do you find yourself getting so attached to the outcome and how you'll be perceived that you avoid giving it a go?

Message to crack open your own secret sauce to daring to be awesome and giving it a red hot go in a way that feels good for you.

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