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Rule of 3's

In teaching there is an approach that we call the 'rule of 3s'

1. One concept explained three different ways

We all think differently, we've all had different life experiences. For the greatest chance of learning success I tap into as many of those as possible.

2. Three learning styles: Because everyone has a different learning style and more often than not a combination of them I cover all 3; auditory, visual, kinaesthetic. Not only do I explain and demonstrate either through demonstrating or showing you examples of what you're learning I use tactile cues or an interpretative expression for you to experience the concept.

3. Three Repetitions The first time you learn something new you might be thinking, you want me to do what? The second time you begin to wrap your head around it and by the third repetition you're getting the hang of it. At that point you can fine tune or decide, this isn't for me.

The rule of 3's is a great guide to support you and on the whole you don't even notice it. While this is a general guide everyone is different with your experience being shaped to you rather than a set approach.

My skill is 'magically' tapping into your mind so can take it on board and make it your own.

Do you want to learn or develop a new skill, idea or direction? Send me a message to chat about tapping into your learning style and getting the most out of your experiences.

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