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'Rule of 3s'

When teaching there is an approach that we call the 'rule of 3s'

1. One concept explained 3 different ways:

We all think differently, we've all had different life experiences so I want to tap into as many of those as I can. For example teaching Pilates I can give great direct and anatomical cues, but some people don’t quite get it. Then I come out with something like 'cock your leg like a dog pee’ing', yup I really say that. Instantly those that weren’t getting it put their body into a more correct position. My goal is to ensure I tap into your filing cabinet of reference material so you are able to grasp the concept.

2. 3 learning styles:

Because everyone has a different learning style and more often than not a combination of them I cover all 3; auditory, visual, kinaesthetic. Not only do I explain and demonstrate either through literally showing you what you're about to do or showing you examples or perhaps using hand gestures, tactile cues or an interpretative expression (the latter is my personal favourite) you experience the concept. For more on the 3 learning styles see the previous post.

3. 3 Repetitions

The first time you learn something new you might be thinking, you want me to do what? The second time you begin to wrap your head around it and by the third repetition you're getting the hang of it. At that point you can fine tune or decide, this isn't for me. While this is a general rule sometimes it's personally taken me many more times to begin to have fun. Other times I've picked things up really quickly because I've been able to relate it to something else in my life.

As an educator the rule of 3's is a great guide to support your learning. On the whole you don't even notice it. My goal is magically tapping into your mind so you understand what is being taught.

Bring on learning in a way that works for you.

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