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Self care

Self care is important, but it also feels like it's become a buzz word these days. We all need to do it because if we don't we end up depleted and unable to give to the people we care about.

Self care looks different for everyone. Sure a massage, facial, bath, getting your nails done is self care, but it can be so much more. However it can mean stopping and sitting still and having cup of tea. Simply sleeping or resting, truly resting. Cooking a healthy nourishing meal with everything your body needs or getting take away when you're too exhausted to cook. Binging on Netflix - I am a total advocate of a good brain off binge session in moderation.

In my case patting almost every dog I encounter is a form of self care. Time simply sitting and listening to the birds, interacting with nature, taking a beat to take an extra deep breathe, meditate, journal. Eating truly nourishing food and drinking plenty of water. Choosing to wear blue light glasses. Choosing to minimise and eliminate toxic substances in my environments where I can. Seeking support from western and complimentary health care professionals, coaches, other wellness professionals and advocates.

Most importantly I play, I do something that feels so freaking good even for as short a time as 2 minutes.

Do I do a perfect job of it...nope, but every day I check in that I've done something to care for me because if I don't fill my cup I am unable to give my best to my clients.

What does self care look like for you? Do you have any favourite go tos?

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