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Servicing and safety checks for your mind

Driving along the freeway the car pulled hard, the tyre had blown. Quickly regaining control I carefully slowed and pulled into the shoulder. With cars driving past at 110km/hour the fear was very real as I called for a tow truck.

I’d known something wasn’t right. I knew I needed to take her in for a service but I was busy, had other priorities. I didn’t make the time. I did my general ‘health checks’ water, oil, air in the tyres, check the tyre tread etc. It was the less obvious that I didn’t know to look for that caught me out.

Have you ever considered servicing and safety checks for your mind, your body?

Consider this. A car is a complex piece of machinery that comes with a manual, requires services and regular safety checks.

If we don't service it regularly it doesn't run as efficiently and begins to break down. A car is something we can choose to upgrade when our circumstances change, our desires change, it gets old, worn out or no longer serves the purpose we require.

We are far more complex, we don’t come with a manual, we don’t have to get regular safety checks and generally speaking we don’t get services.

We don't get to trade-in our mind and body in for a new model. We treat our cars better than ourselves and unlike a car that we can replace easily we only have the one mind and body for the duration.

So why not service our minds, as well as our bodies?

If there is something niggling that doesn't feel quite right and you can't put your finger on it. You keep postponing doing something about it? Don't have time? Have other priorities? Message me to chat about how you can move toward running at your optimum in your own unique way.

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