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Setting yourself up for the year - no matter what month it is

Screw New Year's resolutions that we'll forget about in a couple of months (if that) and setting impossible goals that we either forgot or feel guilty we didn't achieve.

It’s almost the end of January and I’m still evolving my intention and focus for the year and then goals within those.

My guiding theme for how I want to show up, be and live in the world.

How I want to shape my thoughts, actions, attitudes and choices.

Setting an intention and focus to help with choices each and every day especially when I run into anything 'tricky' or I'm unsure of which way to go.

My intention for the year is 'balance'.

Less 7-day weeks and more general play, social time, fitness and sport. Balancing work, business and play.

A balance of giving and receiving, of supporting and being supported.

Being clear with and honouring my boundaries and saying no to achieve that balance.

And so much more.

Do you set intentions? Big ones, small ones?

Do you have an intention and focus for the year?

PS if you’d like some guidance or support with your intention and focus my 20TwentyFree single break through session is available.

Because it’s fun and honestly having an intention that feels good in every cell is the best.

Message me to book in for your single session.

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