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This week I tried something I’ve always wanted to do, but for one reason or other never did. I learnt to skateboard…I had a lesson to test the waters for the wonder women who want to play (let’s be honest it was the perfect motivator to finally give it a go).

As someone who is not naturally sporty, but loves doing sporty things, taking up anything new is always daunting. I don’t tend to work things out well for myself, but a good instructor quickly gets me on the right track demystifying the basics leaving me feeling really positive about the sport and wanting more.

I began the lesson with pretty much no idea and a complete scaredipants. I didn’t even know how to stand on the board, it turns out there is definitely a way to do it and knowing that makes the world of difference. Head to toe safety gear and a patient, experienced instructor gave me the confidence to make the most of the lesson.

Not only did I learn the basics starting static on the grass, achieving my first solo ramp run, gentle carving and how to safely get off the board (so important). Most importantly I had a really good time; smiling, laughing and whooping my way through. Great tunes playing in the background certainly helped as well…being a child of the 70’s and 80’s we chose an 80’s playlist that even the micro groms in the park were also rocking out to.

Skateboard offerings will be created to allow you every chance of having a positive experience and make the most of your time on those 4 small wheels. Testing the waters for you wonderful women I learnt a lot about where my head needed to be and what was going on in my body. Experiences will incorporate a skateboarding focused Pilates warm up to get your stabilisers firing, mindfulness to get your head in the game and tasty noms to refuel you.

Whether you’re a complete beginner like me, you skated in a past life and your board has been gathering dust or you would love to slide with like minded women in a no pressure environment, there’s something for everyone.

Keep your peepers peeled (aka keep an eye out) for upcoming dates and details to get yourself sliding and connecting with like-minded women.

Let’s play!

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