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The creation of video coaching

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

There's been plenty happening behind the scenes the past few months culminating in the creation of my new offering, Video Coaching.

About 3 months ago a friend asked me to help her learn to make videos so she could up her game across all her social media platforms. As an experienced teacher, educator and coach with over 20-years of production experience it was a no brainer to say yes and help her out. 

We went through everything from what sort of video, the point of focus, the story, the script, setting the scene, camera angles, lighting, sound, editing. All of the things. And there was plenty of chat, banter and food stops (it was a quality catch up).

I loved making it simple and fun for her to learn how to create videos that her ideal clients connect with. There were so many light bulb moments and lots of confidence building (and plenty of laughter too). By the end of the afternoon she had created her first produced video, learned a simple production process and had the skills and confidence to replicate the process as often as she chose. 

Video Coaching was born. Combining the skills and knowledge that are so accessible to me and so valuable to so many.

Since then I have been working with small businesses and individuals who want to create their own video content. I demystify and simplify the production process, helping clients understand what type of videos they want to create and how. 

I'm super excited to share with you the offer that I've been working on creating. Personalised in-person and online workshops and coaching, we do everything on your smart phone.

Creating your own well produced videos as often as you like is both fun and empowering. I love so much that I am able to support you to do it.

Check out the new and extraordinary value Video Coaching at

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