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Stretching your comfort zone

She was stretching her comfort zone doing something she wanted to do. Not knowing where to start or if she was on track and had no-one to guide her. She felt unsure, even lost and ready to park the idea.

Where to start?

A conversation becoming clear on desires and motivations (even the secret ones no-one else knows).

Then begin simply.

Practical steps, alternate ways of thinking, breathing, pausing.

Looking at the big picture and as well as the detail in a way that feels really freaking good.

Being part of and observing someone change and emerge like a butterfly in their business, work and life energises me.

Whether it's 1:1 coaching or a group of amazing women going an adventure. I create a fun, supportive community and experience for women.

Finding your unique balance and stamina without doing more. Rather than pushing finding ways to working with what you have to stretch your knowledge, skills and comfort zone.

Slowing down to speed up. Making something that seems impossible not only possible but fun and joyful. Working both the tortoise and hare flow.

These experiences make my heart sing.

This is why I do what I do.

If you feel like there’s a little something missing or you have a secret desire or mission. Send me a message or book in for a complimentary conversation.

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