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That time I worked with Oprah

Do you ever have those moments where you realise the things you think are normal aren't, they're actually pretty darn cool, and then there's some extraordinary thrown in there too? I often forget I've experienced things in my life that are most definitely out of the ordinary.

Recently I've been digging through the archives of my production and event life...and realising I don't have a huge number of photos. 1. because I was being professional and 2. because I was camera shy (I've overcome that, mostly).

2010 I worked with the Harpo team when Oprah came to Australia. I was quite literally on the tarmac when she very first landed in the country in the Whitsundays and from there the experience was nothing short of extraordinary (and hard work).

There are so many stories from that whirl wind two weeks. Boat rides, working with helicopters, filming backup footage of Oprah herself on my phone, Sydney Harbour bridge climb, a fleet of yachts on Sydney Harbour, an amazing garden party, and the Opera House show.

My role covered supporting and coordinating camera and sound teams on the ground, being the conduit with post production, editing, and helping look after talent in the green room at the Opera House for the finale.

The pinnacle moment for me was supporting the camera and sound team at the U2 concert. We walked on stage with Oprah and Bono (albeit backward). My role was to make sure the path was clear and safe for the team so they could focus on their job. We were so in our zone that it wasn't until we sat down afterward that we realised what we'd just done and it blew our minds. Seriously, how freaking cool is that and I didn't even realise at the time!

Have you got any stories that are pretty freaking awesome, but you forget they are because they're your normal?

Pic is an oldie but a goodie back stage at the U2 concert with Oprah's sound recordists

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