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The Art of Saying Yes

So many of us find it so hard to say yes to receiving 🙋‍♀️

Saying yes to the good things, to the offers of help, to support, to financial abundance, to life abundance.

I’m not talking about being a yes person and not having healthy boundaries, that’s for another post, another conversation. I’m talking about saying yes to receiving what is being offered, with grace, with integrity and most importantly without guilt.

Culturally we’ve become so independent and determined to prove we can do it ourselves, we can stand on our own two feet, solo, and we’ve lost the art of receiving. We’ve lost the art of believing we deserve to say yes to ourselves.

Let’s take a beat and think about this. Why are we choosing not to receive.

Not saying yes to something that isn’t in alignment is one thing, rejecting something because we feel guilt, have a belief that we should be able to do it on our own, that we don’t deserve it, that we’re less of a person if we accept the offer or that we don’t deserve to say yes to ourselves is a completely different place to come from.

Saying yes in this context is saying yes to something, to someone who wants to pay for your services, someone who wants to stock your fridge when you’re going through something, someone who is happy to sit beside you while you ugly cry, hold your baby while you take a shower, whatever it is.

Here’s the part about not saying yes that we generally don’t think about. We’re rejecting someone else, we’re declining the offer of an act, a payment, whatever it is from someone who wants to give it. That’s right, by offering they’re saying they want to do and give those things to us in whatever form. By not saying yes we’re saying no them, to the energy they are offering while also saying no to filling our own cup, or at the very least ensuring it doesn’t drain too quickly or too much.

Ok, so what now, what can you do with this to begin to move toward saying yes

Someone has offered something to you and you’re struggling to say yes or automatically decline out of habit.

Ask yourself.

What would saying yes to this offer mean to me?

How would it support me?

How would it fill my cup so that I have more to give?

Why am I choosing not to say yes? Is it because it isn’t in alignment with me?

Is it because it will drain me more rather than support me?

Keep asking yourself questions to understand why it would be a benefit to say yes and why you’re not saying yes. Journal it.

What if guilt shows up big time through this process like it does for many of us? Now ask yourself.

What would happen if I didn’t feel guilt about it and said yes with grace?

And, what if we could make it fun so saying yes feels amazing? How good would that be! Think about all the ways saying yes could be fun for both parties.

Do you have any tips or tricks that allows you to let the energy of receiving support you?

If you would like to have a conversation about learning to receive more, with grace, integrity and without guilt? Send me a message or book in for an obligation free cup of tea at

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