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The Ladies Rock Tugun Skatepark

This past Sunday was the inaugural Pixicato Play women's play event with a Skateboard Lesson for 20 amazing women who ranged from 26-51 years young.

It was an amazzing morning. We had complimentary Two Amigos organic cold brew coffee for the ladies, the Rock’n’Slide Skateboarding team took the women under their wings and the Pixicato Play team ensured everyone had a fabulous time…and we’re adding a Pilates warm up next time too.

Most of the women had never stepped onto a skateboard before. Many loved conquering their fears and gave it a go and a few picked it up like they were born on it (especially the surfers).

All walked away with massive smiles on the their faces, a belief in themselves that they can do something they didn't think was possible, connection with like minded women and stories to tell. There were plenty of requests for more and there are more skateboarding events as well as other fun play events for women in the works.

The events compliment the soul of my business; inspiring and supporting women to step off the sidelines is the most satisfying work that doesn't even feel like work it's so fun. I work with women all over the globe and I love it.

I have great success supporting women with their mindset to feel more alive, to tap into the things they truly want and how they can have those within their existing life or how to add it in a beautifully supportive fun way, even the 'hard' stuff.

Our brains and our conditioning keep us safe. Is there something that deep down you want to try or do and your fear is holding you back?

If you’d like to have a chat with someone who’s done lots of things and who lives this you can send me a DM or book in for a complimentary chat

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