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The Power of Connection

Sunset Zoom drinks with one of my oldest friends who I get to see once a year when we’re in the same place, twice if we’re lucky. Enjoying a glass of wine, checking in and enjoying the foundations of 33 years of friendship shared as the sun goes down truly buoys morale.

Connection while being apart is more important than ever. I am finding that these strange times have given us more time and space to connect as the busyness of our lives dissipates.

The incidental interactions and conversations that we miss, that we didn’t even realise meant something to us. These times highlight what we took for granted, what matters to us even if we didn’t realise it at the time. Those interactions that we now realise we miss more than we expected.

Check in with your mates. We’re all in this together and time and connection helps support each other’s mental health.

We’re in this together.

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