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The sound of silence

My best ideas come when there is silence eg the shower, swimming, surfing, going to the toilet (yup, I went there), driving etc

When I was in year 10 my music teacher suddenly went silent mid class. She stayed silent long enough that we all really and truly noticed and were right there with her with what she did next. Her point was the space drew attention to and punctuated what was to follow. She was teaching us the power of silence ...another time she leaped onto a piano stool to demonstrate that sometimes the unexpected has the most impact. She was teaching us about music, but ultimately she was teaching us about life. Mrs Maynard had a unique teaching style that was definitely memorable and still impacts me today.

I love pockets of silence. I don't tend to listen to the radio in my car, it feels like a lot of noise that I simply don't want. I love listening to audio books, podcasts and masterclasses and music playlists at times. They're great and it's effective, efficient use of my time as I drive between clients and studios, but sometimes silence is where the creativity and good stuff is found, sometimes I simply love silence.

Have you ever tried driving in silence and paid attention to what you notice, where your thoughts go?

📷 @deborahdebeurs

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