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There's a way to have fun setting yourself up for the year!

I don't know about you, but January was crazy busy for me and the idea of setting goals for the whole year is not something I prioritised. Plus the noise around goal setting was a bit overwhelming which makes me recoil and the little rebel in me say 'I'm not doing it' (imagine determined small child's voice). If you've been playing along you will have seen my IGTVs talking about it.

While setting goals in January for the whole year is not something that makes me excited, at all, what does make me excited is setting up intentions and a vision for myself. 

Between all the things that have been going on I've taken pockets of time to really feel into my intention for myself for the year. An intention that feels so freaking good that I can't imagine not choosing it each day.  Keep your peepers peeled for upcoming posts about it.

And my vision. Oh my. It's been so freaking fun and powerful going deeper into my vision for the year. And what I love about how I've explored it is that I'm not attached to the how, but dang it I want that vision so bad and you and all of this is all part of it. I'm so freaking excited, like a small child, but with the knowledge and wisdom to bring it to life

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