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Time out

It's been quiet in here for the past wee while.

A little time out from posting (aside from some fun stories). It's been a time of taking care of myself, creating, supporting and loving being a cheer leader for others.

While we are told to be consistently showing up in our social media and in so many areas of our lives, time out is just as important.

My hard learned lesson from years of pushing through is that my consistency is listening to what my body, mind and intuition tells me I need and if that means going against what the business and marketing gurus tell me then that's what I do. As one of my coaches used to say, her consistency, as is mine, is honouring my needs to remain physically, mentally and emotionally healthy for both my clients and myself

Over the coming days and weeks the story of behind the scenes will be coming your way and the new creation I've brought to life combining over 20 years of experience from my corporate life with my passion and years of experience teaching and coaching.

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