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Tortoise and Hare

The other week I surprised myself.

Swimming in open ocean water.

Time to find out what I was working with, what I had in me and what I need to focus on.

In some ways it was easier than the pool with more buoyancy.

In other ways it was harder with waves, swell, sweeps, rogues sets and mini freak outs, surfers to stay clear of, all keeping me on my toes.

A squiggly squiggly route but always forward.

Finding my rhythm, my flow with the ocean, steadily turning over my arms without pushing.

Ensuring I was safe with a surf life saving friend swimming with me.

Regularly checking in with how I was feeling mentally, physically, emotionally.

A plan if it all got too much.

Working with what I had, where I was at rather than pushing to be something I wasn’t.

1.6kms, further than I’d ever swum in the ocean previously.

A parallel experience to life and business.

Working with where you are at, what you have in the moment.

Stepping outside your comfort zone in a way that works for you.

Finding your edge without pushing so far it doesn’t feel good.

Your own rhythm and flow no matter how squiggly the path forward.

And most importantly taking care of your physical, emotional and mental health and wellbeing.

Are you wanting to step things up with someone cheering you on right beside you?

Send me a message to chat.

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