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Twelve new chapters, three hundred + sixty five chances

A simple, delightful game changer to my evening routine.

An elegant, beautiful gift. A hard cover, paper weekly diary that this electronic lady wasn't sure what to do with.

A moment of inspiration.

Last thing before sleep write 5 positive things; that happened that day or I’m grateful for.

5, both the minimum and maximum. There’s no space for more and less doesn't hit the spot.

Those short minutes at the end of the day sets up a calm sleep.

On a crap day, digging deep, searching for what I can find begins slowly and unveils.

A simple delicious home made coffee. My pillow. A smile from a passing neighbour. A hot shower.

Simple things easily overlooked and obvious things that are a joy to write about.

Finding simple delights amongst the challenges.

Nothing fancy. Keeping it simple and easy. Repeatable.

Acknowledging the hard and noticing the positive.

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