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Upleveling and naked bombs in the pool

Updated: May 14, 2019

A moment captured glowing amongst the sunflowers after an extraordinary weekend at the Play Bigger, Feel Better mastermind retreat with my phenomenal mentor

This past weekend was spent with Hayley and 20 other mind blowing women on a retreat that was in the safest environment you could hope for for breaking yourself wide open as a highly sensitive, empathic introvert.

The weekend was full of insights that were so disappointingly simple. Like seriously so simple, talk about over thinking and over complicating things (something I hear all too often).

We are all unique, we all bring our own life experiences, our thoughts that shape us and got us this far and we each can choose to rewrite and rewire those thoughts should we choose. There is so much strength in our vulnerability, we are so powerful truly stepping into who we are.

That sounds so heavy but really it’s fun and playful, so much fun. So to celebrate at the end of the weekend I may have done naked bombs in the pool…always playing.

What is your version of freedom, your version of a naked bombs in the pool that feels a bit cheeky and naughty, but oh so fun and free?

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