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Vulnerability- the courage to not hide

I recently posted this photo to promote the merging of my coaching and movement teaching in my business. No big deal to most and not unusual in the world of social media. The exception is that I have a love hate relationship with the image.

I’m not an instagram perfect Pilates or yoga teacher, I’m so far from it and I love that, but it’s a challenge for me to put out in the public amongst a sea of such beauty and perfection. When I teach I love teaching people of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities and I want to show that to the world.

You might see a small fit blonde woman and think that I’m over thinking it, but what you don’t see is all the emotions, hard work and imperfections that are behind it. What you don’t see is the sadness, disappointment and perceived limitations of my body failing me time and time again until I began my practice. It doesn’t matter your shape or size we all have our own experience of them.

When you see this picture what you don’t see is that I started out with a hyper mobile rag doll like body that I struggled to understand let alone control when I began these movement practices (I’m still hyper mobile however far less like a ragdoll). I have scoliosis and my form has always been a challenge plus I have had joint problems with doctors telling me there are many things I’d never do again. I love adventure and sport however I don’t have a naturally athletic body, I’ve never had a 6 pack and I love my food so I will always have a little belly.

When I look at this image I am proud of myself for being this capable and strong at 44 years of age. I’m proud of myself for allowing someone to take my photo despite my reluctance at being in front of a camera and my technique not being perfect. I’m proud of how hard I’ve worked and continue to work to achieve the strength and control in my body and posture I carry today and intend to carry for all my years.

I’m not a personal trainer who’s going to tell someone how to lose weight, but I am a coach and teacher who will help you find your strength, your stability and mobility physically, emotionally and metaphorically….and encourage you to eat super healthy seriously delicious food (because good food is the best)

I struggled to put up an image of me doing something I love when I see so much wrong with it and at the same time it’s exactly what I want to show the world.

It’s me choosing to show up as I am. To allow myself to be vulnerable. To not hide so that you can see me.

If you’d like to have a chat to me about your journey please get in touch.

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