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What's with this intention business?

An intention is a guiding theme or principle for how you want to show up, be, live in the world.  It guides your thoughts, actions, attitudes and choices. It helps  with your choices each and every day especially when you run into anything 'tricky' or your unsure of which way to go.

My intention for the year is to hold space for myself to experience all of the things. At times I hold space for over 100 people per week and I absolutely love it. I do however forget to do it for myself. So this year I'm setting the intention to also do it for myself. I will ensure I hold and nurture myself without judgement no matter what I'm experiencing as I do for my clients.

Already I'm noticing a difference in how I show up for both. I'm am 100% here for my clients while also being here for me and it feels so good. In service businesses we are there for the clients and we love it, that's why we do what we do however all too often we forget that without filling our own cups and honouring our own experiences and ebs and flow we're not giving them our best.

Do you set intentions? Big ones, small ones?

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