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Why a women’s skateboard lesson?

I’ve always had an adventurous spirit and I’m fortunate to have had some amazing women influencing that quality throughout my life. My nan was a pioneer; skiing, snowshoeing, camping, going trout fishing with my grandad and doing so many things a refined city woman didn’t do back in her day. While I didn’t truly get to know her until I was in my 20s her spirit definitely lives through me.

I was never sporty or athletic, but I was always adventurous, I was always up for trying something. One thing I worked out about myself early on was that I needed guidance. My brain simply didn’t work things out, but I’ve always been a fast learner and once I had the foundations I was off and running. I’m not afraid of trying something on my own, I simply seek out an instructor or guidance to get started.

When it comes to skateboarding I’ve always had the secret desire to learn to skateboard and when I saw the @rocknslideskateboarding team teaching some kids at a skatepark one day I decided it was time. I took down the number on the side of the van and gave them a call. The first lesson I was bordering on petrified, but determined. It was just me and I chose to be there so I wasn’t giving in. That experience was brilliant and the rest as they say is history.

My event experience coupled with my adventurous spirit means that if I decide I want to do something I’m pretty good at working out how to make it happen, however not everyone is like that. Plus let’s be honest doing all this stuff on your own can be pretty lonely. So when I was sharing the stories of learning to skate and women revealed they want to give it a go too and I decided it was time to create a group lesson for women like me that included quality teaching and a fun sense of community. So I’ve teamed up with Rock’n’Slide Skateboarding and here it is.

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