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You’ve got this

At the beginning of each week I create a single phrase intention or theme.

I write it across the top of the double page weekly diary that I write in each night with the 5 things I’m grateful for or positive things that happened in my day.

‘I’ve got this’

‘Self care amongst the crazy’

‘It’s go time'

‘Gentle recovery’

‘Dream big, take action’

‘Move and exercise for me’

‘What’s my why'

I’m being my own cheer squad, my own accountability buddy with a bite sized pep talk and reminder.

Each night I take a moment to reflect on the intention and how I can honour it the next day.

It doesn’t need to be complicated or fancy.

A post it note on your computer monitor. White board marker on your mirror.

Do you wish you had achievable intentions for your week, day or month? Message me if you’d like to chat about creating your own

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